FREE Care package of gluten free products!


From their site: 
“Register and tell us about your Gluten Free journey in the information section below and we’ll send you a FREE Schär Care Package full of Schär product samples and surprises Submit a video instead or as well, and you’ll get an upgraded box with additional samples and surprises (ARV $12.50). But hurry—the promotion ends November 1, 2018. See our Terms and Conditions below. Open to US residents only.”

10 thoughts on “FREE Care package of gluten free products!

  1. As someone who developed a wheat allergy (not celiac) late in life, i was worried about giving up all my favorite foods. When i found Schar my fears were eased. Thanks to the wide variety of products available, i can enjoy food i love and not make 2 dinners(my family is notallergic). Products are good that my husband prefers Schar pizza crust and snacks.

  2. Hi my name is candace Battaglia and i have been eating gluten my whole life and always had thyroid issues and felt terrible fatigue and headaches then i finally went to a nutritionist who told me i should try and cut out gluten so i have recently its been a hard month but im feeling better than before i would love to find some new gluten free products i can enjoy.

  3. My son (2) was just diagnosed with mast cell disorder and was diagnosed at 11 months with FPIES disease. We are now gluten free and diary free. We would be very interested in trying your products since I am clueless and have never had to go down this road yet

  4. My husband was advised to eat gluten free food by his doctor a couple months ago. But not sure how or where to start. Would love to try with a care package and maybe some information. If possible many thanks

  5. I was diagnosed with celiac disease when I was 14 years old. There have been a lot of different things to try around through the years, but you learn your preference as time goes by. Schár has been an amazing brand to try all of the different options that there is to offer.

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