Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program

One of the perks of Amazon Prime is Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. There are many products on Amazon that allow you to subscribe and have them delivered automatically on the date you choose every month. This is an awesome feature for home staples such as toilet paper, shampoo, and for us diapers. More often than not the subscribe and save pricing is discounted in comparison to the regular price of the items. Also you can combine an item’s coupon with the subscribe and save program to score some epic prices.

On top of that when you subscribe to up to five products for any given delivery you save 5% on all the items within that subscription delivery. When you have more than five products in your subscription you save 15% on all items within that subscription delivery. As you can see the savings really add up!

We post deals that say “$____ after sub/save.” When we do this we are reflecting the price assuming you have at least 5 subscribe and save deals already set up (15% automatic discount). If you have less than 5 subscribe and save deals set up than you would see a higher price because of the lesser automatic discount (5% automatic discount). 

  • Conveniently sent to your home automatically on a date of your choice
  • Can cancel any order, reschedule, or alter any order up until it ships
  • No extra subscription charges
  • No need to worry about running out of stuff at home

You can see where you are getting extra savings with a coupon on this product (below in green words). You can also see that you are saving 5% or 15% on this subscription as well (this example shows 15%) .

Whatever price you subscribe to at the time of subscription is what you will pay for the first delivery. Be sure to verify on subsequent deliveries that you are still comfortable with the price.

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