Subscribe&Save on Amazon

There are thousands of items on Amazon that allow you the option to Subscribe&Save when you check out. It is all another great perk of your Amazon Prime membership. To Subscribe&Save means you are signing up to have the item delivered to your home every month and by doing so you get a discount. The discount is either 5% or 15% and you can cancel the subscription at any time. There is no additional cost for this either.

What does Amazon’s Subscribe&Save program offer you?

  • You save 5% on all items in your monthly subscription if you have 1, 2, 3, or 4 items arriving.
  • You save 15% on all items in your monthly subscription if you have 5 or more items arriving.
  • You also can save with any coupons that each item may have on top of those savings.

The best part, you can cancel or skip your items any time you want; there is no obligation here. It is all done in your account section.

In addition to this is the Amazon Family discount you get for Subscribe&Save items…

  • Diapers and other baby items are part of the Amazon Family program and you save 20% on your Subscribe&Save of those items. Great, right?
This example shows a 20% Amazon Family Subscribe & Save discount and a 20% coupon savings.

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